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Horizontal Type Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Double wall corrugated pipe is mature product which has the advantage of low weight, low cost, anti-corrosion, good ring stiffness and flexibility. Our company has developed PE double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line for more than 20 years.

Description of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

Two types of jwell’s horizontal type dwc pipe lines are availble,one is the high speed line,another is the ultra high speed line.The maximum line speed can reach 20m/min.Both of them have the fixed center height,no need to do the adjustment when changing different spec sizes and also equipped with closed pressure circulating water cooling.

Current Trend of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

  • ID 600line: The 600 line is the most popular line all over the world. All sizes from 100 to 600 can be produced with high power servo motors at a maximum speed of more than 6.7m/min, which is a perfect match for 100mm sizes that require high speed production and 600mm sizes that require stable production at a constant speed, which can be either fast or slow without any stress.

  • ID 1600line: Currently at home and abroad ID1600 (OD 2000mm) large line demand increasing technological breakthroughs in the scarcity of manufacturers, sunrise type! Can produce from 800 to 1600 all specifications, with 600 lines with that can produce all the mainstream specifications of the current market, the production line in one step in the short term without having to consider the larger specifications of the pipe.

  • ID50~ID300line: The 20m/min ultra-high-speed club market demand is increasing year by year.

Specification of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

TypePipe SizeSpeed(m/min)Total powerProduct Line length and width(m)

Advantages of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

  • Fixed Center Height:

      No need to adjust for changing specifications, easy to operate


  • Double gear drive separate running rails: 

      The two tracks run independently, so the equipment can run stably for a long time in any state.


  • Addition of specialized haul off machine 


  • Cooling water circulation

      The cooling water circulation system is changed from single-row roller chain to double-row roller chain, which makes the pipeline circulation more stable, and the receiver seat is no longer tilted.



  • Stacker weighing systems:

      During the production process, single real-time weighing to monitor the meter weight of the pipe.


  • 5 extruders co-extrusion


Video of Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

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