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PP PE PVC PVDF Thick Board Extrusion Line

Plastic T-Grip sheet is made of HDPE and PP, produced by extrusion process.

Overview of Sheet Extruder Machine

PP thick plate extrusion line

PP thick plate, It is an environment-friendly product and is widely applied in chemistry industry, food industry, anti-erosion industry, environmentally-friendly equipment industry, etc. PP thick plate extrusion line of 2000mm width is a newly developed line which is the most advanced and stable line compared with other competitors.

PE thick plate extrusion line

PE plate is widely applied in chemical and electric power industries. HDPE plate, known as engineering plastics, is used in mechanical and chemical equipment as well as ice hockey ring walls.

PVC thick plate extrusion line

Rigid PVC thick plate is widely used in chemical industry, petrol, electroplating, water purifying equipment, environment-friendly equipment, lamp house and advertisements, etc.

PVDF plate extrusion line

PVDF plate is a pure plate extruded with Polyvinylidene fluoride resin, there is no additive (such as UV stabilizer, heat stabilizer, plasticizer, lubricant or flame retardant etc.). The plate was widely used in petrifaction, electricity, metallurgy, paper making, spinning, medicine and atomic energy industry and other industries, especially, for the application of conveying the pure chemical agent used in cleaning water system and semiconductor industry

Production of Sheet Extruder Machine

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Main Technical Specification of Sheet Extruder Machine

Products Width(mm)1220150020001220
Sheet thickness (mm)3~303~303~303~30
Capacity( kg/h)350500800400~500

Video of Sheet Extruder Machine

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