Bioplastic Compounding Machine

Most of the Bio degradable materials (PBAT PLA PGA PHA PPC) are temperature sensitive and shear-sensitive , JWELL Extrusion could provide complete technical solutions.


JWELL Machinery could provide Bioplastic compounding turnkey technical solutions. Increase productivity while maintaining the properties of the biodegradable materials themselves. JWELL has the R&D center and machine that can help Test and Verigy the fomula and technical process for you. 

CJWS Plus twin screw extruder equipped with super high torque gearbox, wear resistant & corrosive resistant barrels and screw elements, high torque shaft and safety clutch, efficient heating and precise control to ensure stable, reliable and long term production.

Process Layout

Case Video

Typical Fomula

PBATCaCO3 PowderPlasticizers
PLACorn Starch Glycerine
PBSTiO2 Powder others
PHATalcum Powder
PGA Biomass

Technical Parameters

ExtruderMax. motor power N[kW]L/D ratioMax. screw speed[min⁻¹]Capacity for reference[Hr⁻¹]
CJWS-75 Plus20044-56330rpm700kg

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