CJWS Plus Twin Screw Extruder

CJWV series twin screw extruder mainly focuses on high filler masterbatches, reaction extrusion and fluffy material system for low SEI application.


Specially applicable for share sensitive and temperature sensitive material, also covers degradable material modification, High figher Masterbatch, elastomers, Color Masterbatch and Additives Masterbatch etc.

Technical Parameters

  • High-efficiency permanent magnet motor and Germany made gearbox & Autogard safety clutch;
  • All barrels and screw elements made of high wear resistant HIP material, heated by highly efficient cartridge heaters with 50% energy saving;
  • Reliable Side-degassing technology prevents material out from vacuum port;
  • Feeding enhancement technology significantly increases feeding capacity for fluffy material and enables higher torque to be fully utilized;
  • The electroplating of barrel water channel reduces the scaling phenomenon to improve cooling ability;


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