Aluminum plastic composite pipe production line(PEX-Al-PEX)

We offer full sizes of Al composite pipe line(Pex-Al-Pex).


The production line is used to produce aluminum-plastic composite pipes. The aluminum pipes are formed in one step by ultrasonic welding and coextrusion. The aluminum-plastic composite pipes are widely used in the transmission pipelines of various gases such as cold and hot tap water, acid, alkali and salt, gas, oxygen, compressed air and so on.

The inner layer is PEX-b, the middle layer is aluminum strip, the outer layer is PEX and the middle is adhesive.


A、High degree of automation, the whole line is controlled by PLC to ensure that the process parameters are accurate and in place.

B、Low operation intensity and simple operation.

C、All devices and equipment are specially designed and processed according to the material characteristics, production characteristics, special design and special processing of aluminum-plastic composite pipe to ensure reliable and perfect performance of the whole machine.

Major sizes

φ16-32mm φ32-63mm


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