JWELL  Machinery held a symposium on leaders at all levels in 2021


In the afternoon of November 23, Jwell Company held the 2021 leader (Reserve Cadres) Meeting at Loudong Hotel, Taicang City. It was the 24th anniversary of JWELL Machinery. JWELL people talked about the way of development in adversity in a simple and heart to heart way.

The meeting was divided into three parts. First, Mr. Lou Yijian, the current rotating chairman of JWELL Company, introduced his work experience in the past two years.

On behalf of all the members of the Board of Directors, President Lou thanked all the staff of JWELL for their support and assistance to the work of the Board of Directors. In the past two years, with the joint efforts of JWELL people, we have made many achievements, but there are also many shortcomings. In terms of the standardization of basic components and the overall scheduling of after-sales services, we still have a lot of work to improve.

Our management personnel should recognize the shortage of their own and team's staff in the reserve of professional knowledge, encourage each other, keep learning, understand and solve customers' pain points and difficulties with heart, and strive to create greater value for customers.

Later, Mr. He Haichao, Chairman of JWELL Company, made an important speech, with the main contents as follows:

At the meeting, Chairman He asked cadres at all levels (reserve cadres) to improve their quality, dare to innovate and be good at learning. Cherish the company's platform, cherish the immediate post, and maintain the JWELL brand. We should have an overall view, care about each other, cultivate new people and improve wages. In the face of the long march, we still have to go on firmly, specifically in the following eight aspects:

1. Improve the quality of all staff, improve the board system, and adhere to the reporting, communication and summary system

2. Adhere to innovative development and strive to improve quality and efficiency

3. Management, assessment and screening of suppliers

4. Focus on talent training and recruitment, and implement the enterprise spirit

5. Promote brand construction and strengthen maintenance guarantee

6. Improve the treatment of new employees and report the work of cadres at all levels at the end of the year

7. Care for each other, be pleasant and healthy

8. optimize marketing

At the meeting, Director Yang Lixing, who is in charge of procurement and logistics, also introduced some recent procurement work.

1. The price of raw materials has risen a lot, including about 50% for motors. The Procurement Department actively looks for new suppliers with high cost performance ratio to replace the original suppliers whose prices have risen too much. Under the new market situation, some suppliers who have cooperated for a long time do not pay enough attention, and the product quality has serious problems in batches; Or because the delivery date is out of control for some reasons, resulting in difficulties in delivery, which also sounded an alarm for us to find and cultivate new partners.

2. In the work inspection of the Procurement Department, we found that the internal communication and coordination ability of the Procurement Department is poor, and the same product has different quotations. It is suggested that the same product can be ordered in batches after integrating the quantity. Work needs to be meticulous, standardized and fully communicated.

3. The personnel assessment of the Procurement Department shall be scored based on facts and facts, reflect problems in a timely manner, and improve in a timely manner.

4. Do a good job in supplier management. On the premise of quality and quantity, select the supplier with the highest cost performance ratio for cooperation. Next month, we will hold a symposium with sheet suppliers, and invite the general manager, factory director, procurement, quality inspection and other personnel to evaluate suppliers from all aspects according to the questionnaire. All professional companies also need to sort out a report on major quality problems this year and feed back to suppliers in a timely manner.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. He Haichao, the chairman, announced on behalf of the shareholders' meeting of Jwell Company that the new rotating chairman of Jwell Company would be Mr. Liu Chunhua, director of Jwell Machinery and general manager of Jwell Machinery Changzhou Plant, with a term of office of two years. General Manager Liu Chunhua will formally complete the work handover with the current Chairman Lou Yijian by the end of May 2022.