PE 1600 pipe line for turkey Cyprus water supply project


Venus's hometown, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, is not very rich for water. Almost the entire need for water of the island is supplied with the underground water. Hot water and drinking water mostly import from Turkey. It is noticed that most convenient way to solve the water problem for a long-term is water transmission. Cyprus and Turkey build a giant sea water supply engineering project. The water taken from Alakopru Dam which has been built in the context of this project is transferred from the sea to Geçitkoy Dam which was built in TRNC.

 In this project, FIRAT is the only company that has capacity to manufacture 1600 HDPE pipes as each piece 500 meters length by itself alone in such a short term in the whole world. FIRAT company has built a 5500 ㎡ factory in the seaside, buy JWELL company large HDPE Pipe machine, to produce the 500 meters long 1600 mm diameter solid wall PE pipe. Entire 500 meters length long pipes need 5 days and 5 nights non-stop production, the period cannot produce any error and small faults, required highly stability pipe Extrusion Machine.

the Extruder is JWS-H series High efficiency, high output single screw extruder. Special screw barrel structure design ensures ideal melt uniformity at lower solution temperatures. Designed for large-diameter pipe extrusion, the spiral distribution structure mold is equipped with an in-mold suction pipe internal cooling system. Combined with a special low-sag material, it can produce ultra-thick-walled, large-diameter pipes. Hydraulic opening and closing two-stage vacuum tank, computerized centralized control and coordination of multiple crawler tractors, chipless cutter and all units, a high degree of automation. The optional wire rope tractor can make the initial operation of the large-caliber tube more convenient.