JWELL showed brand strength in Chinaplas2021


ChinaPlas 2021 has quietly ended. In the past few days, JWELL's booth has been very popular most of the time, with the support of old friends and the arrival of new friends. During the four days, every little partner was very busy. It could be said that everyone was exhausted. After receiving new customers at the booth in the daytime, we also went to the exhibition hall to meet old customers and had a meal in the evening. But everyone was grateful for such an opportunity, which could help people overcome difficulties and grow rapidly. What we insisted on was that we didn't want to miss the opportunity to communicate more market segments with everyone.We help customers solve their problems, and customers help us understand the market.

As plastics are widely accepted and used in various industries, biodegradable materials, plastic recycling, medical plastic materials, automotive materials and 5G have become the highlights and hot spots of this year's International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition. Such a grand event gives us a rare opportunity to sit down with old and new friends, learn advanced experience and technology in the industry and obtain market demand. Looking back on the wonderful experience of these four days, we can say that we have gained a lot.

Chinaplas International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition has always been one of the most important exhibitions attended by JWELL people. The preliminary preparation has been started from more than half a year ago. Every year, we are striving for a better place to participate in the exhibition, and we are also working hard to design the booth and prepare the products for the exhibition. There are also the busy Jwell people who shuttle between the booths. They are very pleasant and give warm and detailed technical answers to customers with a warm and sincere way of hospitality, actively promoting the willingness of both parties to cooperate.

As the first ChinaPlas after the epidemic, the exhibition site clearly felt the long suppressed enthusiasm of plastic people. The rare industry event will bring together people from all over the world, and we will sit together and speak freely in the four-day exhibition. In the process of communication, we learned about the difficulties faced by our friends, so that we could have the opportunity to do a little bit to help our friends; Understand our own shortcomings and guide the future direction; We learned about the needs of our friends and laid the foundation for a better meeting.

The best communication experience is to learn something in the process of communication. During the four-day exhibition exchange, we had an in-depth discussion with each friend who came to exchange, learned the trend of current market demand from the conversation, and jointly discussed and unlocked more product application fields and plastic solutions

The new and old friends who come to exchange this time are not only our friends, but also our teachers and friends.

Competitors in the industry are indispensable for an enterprise that hopes to climb the peak constantly. What they can bring is more positive, which constantly encourages the enterprise's progress and innovation. At this exhibition, the new materials, new products and new industry trends that the major enterprises in the industry are competing to display are challenges, competitions, incentives and examples for us. Their successful experiences are all ideas for our innovation inspiration in areas that we have not yet covered or have covered. We should see the trend clearly, learn from benchmark enterprises, and combine our own advantages, including talent, technology, brand, quality, etc., to gather resource advantages to jointly transform the traditional manufacturing industry and enterprise operation mode, so that a single professional company under Jwell can become the leading enterprise in the industry, making us competitive in relevant fields in the world.

The short farewell is for the next better meeting. In the coming days, Jwell people will continue to move forward with this rich harvest, hoping to meet you with more surprises belonging to Jwell people in a better manner!