JWELL PE1600mm Large size Pipe Extrusion Line for Egyptian customer


Jwell's large-diameter PE1600 pipe extrusion production line can produce pipe products with a diameter of 800mm-1600mm, a wall thickness of MAX-110mm, and a production capacity of 2000kg/h (48 tons/24 hours).This 1600mm line is for a customer in Egypt.

Our products not only include standard equipment, but also can customize complete pipe extrusion production lines according to customer requirements, ensuring high performance and competitive prices.


The main engine, barrel and screw adopts a customized design of Jinhailuo, with long service life, high output, small outer diameter, and fast temperature rise. Reduce energy consumption by 3% -5%.


The interior of the mold is equipped with an increased air cooling device, which is beneficial for controlling the melting and sagging of large-diameter pipes, thus facilitating the forming of the pipe blank.


Tank shape, compact structure, high strength, and good cooling and shaping effect. The entire pipeline adopts a two piece ball valve, which has a large water flow rate and good spray atomization.

Haul off machine

Adopting full servo motor haul off machine, the pipe wall thickness is uniform, saving 1% -3% of raw materials. Split design reduces transportation costs and reduces customer equipment investment costs.